Selle SMP saddle

September 10, 2010

A new comment to an old post about Bontrager saddles reminds me I should describe the outcome of my saddle search: Selle SMP Lite209.

I’ve had it a year or so and it works for me doing exactly what I needed. Issues with squashed family assets are gone and I am comfortable.

But it’s not for everyone. It is ugly, heavy and scandalously expensive. So why?

People ride the Selle SMP saddle because they have to.

There are no trends to discern in saddle usage. With pedals people generally choose Keo, Shimano or Speedplay so its a good bet that those are the best products. Similarly with shoes: Sidi, Shimano and Specialized. But with saddles it seems everyone has distinct needs and preferences. You can’t take your cue from what others ride.

Among those distinct needs and preferences, SMP addresses one specifically. If gives complete relief of the pressure of the soft tissue on the middle of the saddle where a typical slotted saddle does not.

If that’s the question then SMP might be the answer.

Next problem: it comes in 7 different sizes. The brochure has the specs. Each has its own width, length, shape in profile and section and padding design. Choosing among them on that basis is like trying to guess your own eye prescription. I doubt your LBS has even a few of them for you to try. I don’t have any clever ideas.

Then as the shape and size is rather odd so positioning is different from other saddles and will take some experimentation. Read the instructions for useful tips. It has nice long rails which help.

I feel very stable on it. The shape seems to provide a solid basis for reaction against pedaling forces of any kind.

Quality appears to be very nice. I think it will last. I hope so. I like this saddle a lot.