Pictures of cool new hardware

October 27, 2010

Chest shoulder x-ray

Check it out! Click for a full res view of this wonderful x-ray.

That’s an Acumed Locking Clavicle Plate in there. Cool technology. Take a look here. They lots of good info, images and videos.

The good news is that it’s all looking good, no complications, and I can get rid of the sling in another couple of weeks.

The bad new is: no significant loads for three whole months after surgery. That means no cycling until mid January.

2 Responses to “Pictures of cool new hardware”

  1. George S said

    Hi there – saw your post on the NE Rando listserv. Crazy accident, man. Hope that your shoulder is healing well. Not sure if we’ve met. I live in NY and rode the Boston 400K last spring. I had a hairy crash in August on the PA 1000K brevet. I was hit from behind by a car and wound up with a toasted Indy Fab and 24 broken bones. One of the was a clavicle fracture that looks a little like yours. I too have the same hardware but one of my screws is like 3 inches long and looks like it came out of the tool box in my basement. 6 weeks in the hospital and 3 months of PT later, I’m walking and riding a stationary bike. I go in for a rotator cuff reattachment survey on Tuesday. Hoping to get my left arm back to handle bar height. Like you – lots of details on my blog. I really hope you’re back on the bike soon! I’m still planning on PBP this summer.

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