I have no idea what my kilo result was. Bad, I’m sure. it always is.

The scratch race was awesome. Fast enough throughout to make attacks hard. As I expected Matt Lasker and Jeff Palter (Cycle Loft Velo Masters) attacked in sequence looking to get away or failing that, soften the field. But the pace was too high and neither attack stuck. So we were all together going into the sprint. I was not thinking and ended up doing my last turn on the front as the sprint started, leaving me in the dust. I don’t have a sprint this year, not even a little bit but I might have got omnium points if I’d had better position. For example, Chris Namie wasn’t stronger than me but managed 3rd by being a smart rider and having the right wheel as the sprint began.

Scratch race

The points race was 20 km with sprints every 2. I got 1 point on the first two sprints but it was clear this strategy wasn’t going to work. I led out the 3rd and got swarmed over. As the others sat up after the sprint I figured I had nothing to gain from staying with them so I kept my speed up, rode under them and away while they were gasping for breath after the sprint. Matt Lasker bridged up to me and after a couple of laps was ready to share work. I promised not to attack him on the sprints (I knew I had no chance at that, so the silver medal was my goal) if he shared the work to get us a lap up, which we got fairly quickly. Back in the main bunch, I did the same attack again after the next sprint, again Matt came with, and again we got a decent gap. Later, Jeff Palter (same team as Matt) bridged up and he and Matt attacked on the next sprint. I had told Jeff not to bother because I wasn’t going to contest for sprint points (it would change nothing only tire me out to try). But they did it anyway and as a result Jeff was gassed while I pressed on with the highest steady pace I calculated I could sustain to the end of the race (as I had been doing since my first attack). For some reason Matt stayed with me. By rights, since Matt had, by this point, already secured the win, he should have stayed with Jeff to help him get silver over me. But he didn’t.

I’m really pleased with that silver medal in the points race. There were 3 riders clearly better than me overall and 5 much better at sprinting. But I managed silver by playing the only cards I had right and maximizing the gain from the opportunities luck gave me. I’m genuinely proud of this medal and I won’t forget this race.

Team sprints were ad hoc. I rode with Sean Silva and Chris Namie and we got the second fastest time but were relegated for an illegal exchange.

I got a PR in the Individual Pursuit, but it was only good enough for 5th in the 40+ field.

I rode for Cycle Loft Velo Masters in the Team Pursuit and we got gold with what was, for us, a rather slow ride. But it was nicely done and I enjoyed it very much. Getting a TP right is an awesome feeling.

Team pursuit

I didn’t race the match sprint tournament because I’m absolutely crap at sprints and don’t enjoy doing them. I like watching them.

There weren’t enough riders for the Madison, boo hoo hoo! 😦

Elite championship is up in two weeks.

I’ve been trying to decode what Akin was really trying to say. He apologized for bad word choice and the offense caused. But he stands behind the belief he was trying to articulate. I assume that he was being sincere in the original statement and to some extent in his apology.

There’s a taxonomy of rape involved.

“It seems to me, from what I understand from doctors, that [pregnancy in this category of rape] is really rare. If it’s [this category of] rape, the female body has ways to try to shut that whole thing down. But let’s assume that maybe that didn’t work or something: I think there should be some punishment, but the punishment ought to be of the rapist, and not attacking the child.” [cf. original quote]

Dr. and Mrs. John Willke “Why Can’t We Love Them Both” has been cited as a reference to the theory Akin is referring to and I can see the similarity. Akin changed “legitimate” to “forcible” in the apology, which is in line with Willkes’ “First it is important to define terms. This issue concerns assault, or forcible, rape, not consensual, not marital rape.” So I assume Akin is talking about the same taxonomy as the Willkes.

Next, they are both are clearly saying that consideration of law that forbids abortion in the case of rape has to involve this taxonomy. They claim that in “forcible, non-consensual rape”, pregnancy is very rare (the Willkes try to put numbers on it). They also claim that in those rare cases, something went wrong in the woman’s response that would normally prevent pregnancy. [Whether or not biology actually supports their factual claims is another thing.]

But those words “forcible, non-consensual” etc. are actually not at all clear. Far from it. What is really operative here is the woman’s emotion causing endocrine responses that prevent pregnancy. They are in fact claiming that, with very few exceptions, a woman is so emotionally disturbed by the kind of rape in question that she cannot become pregnant.

So if a woman presents herself as a pregnant rape victim then either A) she was not emotionally disturbed enough for the rape to be properly considered assault, forcible or non-consensual, or B) her body’s response to the rape was abnormal in a highly unusual way.

It’s not my category definition so it’s not my job to name it. But I need names so for now: cat 1: the kind akin was talking about, and cat 2: the other kind.

Their taxonomy serves various purposes. First they are saying that women pregnant from cat 2 rape don’t have a legitimate claim to a right to abortion because such women are (to at least some extent) responsible for the rape.

Second, since there are hardly any cat 1 rape pregnancies, very few women with a valid claim of cat 1 rape need abortion.

They’ve built a moral philosoply on a fairy tale biology theory in which pregnancy form rape is a very small problem.

Regardless what name they choose for it, this is horrifying in so many ways. If these people really believe this then it makes perfect sense that they distinguish legitimate rape, i.e. real rape, from not really real rape.

I don’t think enough people properly understand what these vile people are really saying or trying to do.

The Geography Bands

August 18, 2012

In alphabetical order, each with one of their better known songs

  • America – Sister Golden Hair
  • Asia – Heat of the Moment
  • Boston – More Than A Feeling
  • Europe – The Final Countdown
  • Foreigner – I Want to Know What Love Is
  • Journey – Don’t Stop Believin’
  • Kansas – Dust In The Wind

Am I missing any?